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Meet The Team


Poonam, is the backbone of our company. She completed her Bachelor in Accounting in 2012 and MBA in 2016 at Flinders University. After graduating in her Bachelors, she worked in Malaysia as an auditor and accountant. She then returned to Australia to pursue her MBA in Finance. Upon graduation, she joined a local firm as an assistant account for 5 years. She then took a break during the pandemic and joined the Nomads in 2022. Here, she looks after our staff and delegates their jobs, as a HR Manager; manages all finances and accounts as an Accountant  and Bookkeeper; outlines and plans out our social media and marketing as a Marketing Manager and handles all IT areas of the business as a General Technician. In short, she is an all rounder and loves each aspect of her job. Although she doesn't work directly with clients, working with the Nomads team has inspired her to bring positive change among people's lives as she has witnessed life changing events within our clients.


Being a mother of two young kids, she spends the rest of her time looking after her home. She is also a music lover and enjoys playing the piano during her leisure time. In 5 years time, she sees herself spending most of her time travelling and working while enjoying quality time with her family.


Chief Executive Officer

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Koomal is an experienced Certified Behaviour Analyst with a Masters in Education, specializing in behaviour analysis as well as Advanced Certification in Criminal and Forensic Psychology. She represents the Association for Behaviour Analysis Australia (ABAA) as the President of the association. Koomal possess a demonstrated history of working in the autism, disability, and mental health care industry, with a primary focus on Positive Behaviour and Trauma Informed Support over the past decade.

Koomal has showcased their expertise by presenting at the SEPLACON Conference in 2022, where they disseminated best practices in schools for supporting children with diverse needs. She excels in areas such as Data Analysis, Strategic Planning, and the implementation of evidence-based, ethical, and socially validated services and interventions. Her further proficiency lies in individualized parent training, toilet training, functional communication, school transitions, and refusals, as well as implementing school-wide positive behaviour support strategies. She is also adept at staff training and disseminating behaviour analysis within schools, both locally and internationally.

Additionally, Koomal possesses extensive knowledge on fading restrictive practices, enhancing independent living skills, improving communication, regulating emotions, and reducing self-harm and self-injurious behaviours. She is also skilled in developing functional living skills for her clients.

Furthermore, her experience extends to Skill-Based Treatment, Treatment and Analysis of Sexualised Behaviour, and incorporating the Acceptance and Commitment Therapy framework in their work. She conducts various school-based training sessions, workshops, and modifications of school policies to promote inclusivity internationally, locally and regionally. She has additionally provided consultations to teachers and delivered positive behaviour support training to local and ethnic school teachers under the Department of Education.

She has collaborated with international organizations in Malaysia and India to develop individualized interventions for children diagnosed with Autism.

In conclusion, Koomal’s vast experience, comprehensive skill set, and commitment to promoting positive behaviour and inclusive practices make her an invaluable asset in the field of behaviour analysis.


Founder & Board Certified

Behaviour Analyst


Anmool is the Operating Officer at Nomads and has been with us since the Nomad was established. Born and brought up in Malaysia, she came to Adelaide in 2015 to further her studies in the Aviation industry. She completed her  Bachelor of  Aviation from University of South Australia in 2018 is currently completing her hours in her flight training. At the Nomads, she currently organises all client information, administration matters and the internal operations of Nomads. 

Her typical day would entail her to check  and respond to client emails, preparing behaviour diaries, printing materials for clients and organise our Chief's schedule. 

Knowing that our clients are progressing well, motivates   her to search for more clients  so we can help them live a better life.  

When she is not working, she spends her time practicing Bhangra or cooking different cuisines. In 5 years time, she sees herself commuting therapists around  the regional areas and training aviation students. 


Operations Officer

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Amandeep Kaur is from India and is fluent in Punjabi, Hindi and English. She completed her Bachelor in Education  (B.Ed) from India and worked as a teacher for seven years. She moved to Australia in 2018 and completed her Masters in Social Work from Flinders University in 2021. During her Masters program, she completed her field placements and got extensive experience in the field of social work.Working with children for over the years  as a teacher and through the program,  she managed to acquire adequate experience and knowledge working with children. Apart from it, she loves spending time with children and helping them workout the best way to enjoy their life. behaviour therapy assistant. Since joining the Nomads team in 2022, she has been regularly engaging with different age groups of children and families , to bring positive change in their lives. With her dedication, hard work and kind heart personality she is always ready to learn to explore and help others. She believes in supporting individuals build their strength, social skills and emotions.


During her free time, she loves listening to music and spending time with her family and friends. She sees herself exploring her knowledge and skills among others in the near  future.


Behaviour Therapist

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Dr. Bahareh is a professional member of Association for Behaviour Analysis Australia (ABAA) focussing on autism, boasting over a decade of experience in the field. Born, raised, and educated in Iran, she pursued her studies at the esteemed National University of Iran, obtaining a masters degree in clinical child and adolescent psychology. Her exceptional academic performance led to her selection as a top student for a PhD program in clinical psychology where she developed a pioneering parenting program called 'ART for Parents', aiming to reduce behavioural problems in children with autism and other developmental delays. Throughout her professional journey, she has held various positions, including ABA therapist, behaviour specialist, and senior clinician at the renowned 'Tehran Autism Centre.' excelling in conducting diagnostic evaluations and comprehensive assessments of children with neuro-developmental delays, devising individualized therapy plans, leading individual and group sessions, collaborating with fellow healthcare professionals to ensure coordination for children, providing valuable family education and support, and training ABA therapists and behaviour specialists. Driven by her lifelong desire to assist others, she chose psychology as her career path due to its capacity to help individuals in need. The most rewarding moments in her profession have been witnessing the joy and satisfaction of her clients as they achieve remarkable results through therapy sessions. Typically, Bahareh starts her day with a cup of coffee and a nourishing breakfast, followed by 30 minutes of physical exercise. In addition to her daily sessions, she embraces her role as a perpetual learner by immersing herself in psychology literature and staying abreast of the latest advancements in the field. When time permits, she enjoys exploring new venues in the city, solving puzzles, reading books, playing the piano, engaging in board games, watching films, and listening to music. She believes that each day presents an opportunity to celebrate life by discovering, learning, and encountering new people and places. ​


A little-known fact about her is that she cherishes sleep more than anything else in the world. Looking ahead, Bahareh envisions a future where she can further expand her career path and capabilities. Within the next five years, she aspires to register her degrees with AHPRA and gain permission to broaden her professional horizons.

Dr. Bahareh

Behaviour Specialist


Rabia is a psychology student at Monash University. She completed her Bachelor's degree in psychological sciences at the University of Adelaide in 2021 and Graduate Diploma in Psychology Advanced at Monash University in 2022.
She has been with Nomads since March 2023 and her job entails working with children who's behavioural, communication or physical challenges impede their quality of life. She also works closely with her supervisors to implement the behavioural intervention programs in the client sessions, such as helping the child deal with social situations, working on their communication or improving everyday skill sets. After face-to-face visits, she reports back to the supervisor on the child's progress as well as advice the parents of strategies and programs they can use when necessary. Although she recently joined the team, her favourite part about work so far has been seeing how happy and excited each parent gets when they begin to notice the positive changes in their child's behaviour or when they've learned a new skill. It gives her a sense of fulfilment and purpose in her work and makes the long hours and rough days worth it.
When she is not working, she is usually either hiking, baking or painting as well as spending time with my family and friends. She also has a newfound love for travelling and would love to do it more often in the future.
A fun fact about her that not many people know is that she used to play the piano as a kid but stopped because she thought it was uncool at the time.
In 5 years' time, she sees herself having completed her Masters and working as a registered psychologist. She wants to have gained the experience and knowledge to deal with complicated cases but more importantly see herself working with Hazara-Afghan refugees and immigrants to improve their mental well-being and supporting them in rebuilding their lives.


Behaviour Therapist

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